More Bank Holiday fun

So May, without a doubt, is my favourite month. Here in the UK we get two bank holiday Mondays, and so two guaranteed 3 day weekends. And it is normally warm and sunny too. This time we had a wedding to go to – my cousin Matt – and we had a lush time.


Morning at the farm

Wise choices were made today. Spend 25 GBP on a childrens farm visit when your kids are both a bit under the weather and moody, or nip down the local city farm for free and see what happens. It was lovely, a run around, baby goats and sheep and lots of exploring. Saturday mornings are nice.

I bloody love it when the sun shines

What a week. What feels like the longest UK winter I can remember has ended in style, with our snowy shores transformed instantly into a mini heatwave. With the little-uns, it just makes life so much easier. We can hang out in the garden, and spend our weekends out and about, happy and timeless. A lovely weekend, sipping gin in the garden, down at the local city farm, and just loving it.