Kudos to Squarespace and to WordPress

I’ve spent the past 2 years using the Squarespace service. I did think it was brilliant – very clean interface, highly customisable, and easy to do so without getting into a pickle. I’d managed to convince myself that it was absolutely worth the $190 per year subscription – for the ease of use and the professional look of the outcome. Certainly vs the standard ‘blogger’ offering it seemed a step up.

Typically with wordpress sites I’ve struggled in the past – but amazing what a difference a bit of time and a fresh perspective makes. I had a little look the other night, just on a whim, to see if I might one day be able to migrate my site to a wordpress one. I’d worked out that if I wanted to keep my website forever that I would be paying multiple thousands of pounds for the priviledge. 30 minutes later and I had got a dummy website knocked up, loads of good templates to choose from and a really quite impressive free offering. So, kudos to WordPress for winning me over; and for having a very light advertising footprint to cover the hosting cost.

But also kudos to Squarespace. I really enjoyed using the service until the ongoing cost dawned upon me. I should also thank them for (at the time of writing) having a brilliant pro-rated refund policy. I’ve cancelled my website 4 months into a 1 year pre-paid subscription  and will get a no-quibbles refund for the outstanding 8 months of service that I havd paid for but won’t use. Excellent.


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