Mongol Rally

In 2005, I headed off on the first of what resulted in being many road-trips. The challenge this first time was:

  1. to buy a shit car,
  2. to stop it breaking down every 5 minutes and ready it for a 10,000 mile off road epic
  3. to drive it from Hyde Park in London, to Ulan Bataar in Mongolia, by any route
  4. to choose a stupid non-direct route.

And so, off I went with friend Ben and new friends to be Chris, Dave, Mark and James – to Mongolia, via the Baltic States, Russia (twice), Kazakhstan (twice), Kyrgystan and Monglia.

It was truly epic.

Over the next few weeks I’m releasing a series of short videos (about 10) that together tell the story of the trip. They are quite old now, and the quality is a bit iffy – so I’d recommend not watching full screen (unless you want to have a fit!)

Part 1/13

Part 2/13

Part 3/13

Part 4/13

Part 5/13

Part 6/13

Part 7/13

Part 8/13

Part 9/13

Part 10/13

Part 11/13

Part 12/13

Part 13/13


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