Mototaxi Junket

The moto-taxi junket was the third (and potentially final) massive road trip that I have done. This time the challenge was to get from Cuzco (in Southern Peru), to Piura (on Peru’s northern border) in a moto-taxi. This vehicle is ludicrous. It is a hybrid of motorcycle and sofa – basically the front half of an underpowered motorbike, welded to a sofa on wheels. The result, a 3 wheeler, one wheel drive, 125cc shambles of a vehicle. The prospect of taking it 3000km over the tracks of the Andes mountains, and through the Amazon rainforest was really rather daunting!

As ever – we pulled out the stops and raised awareness and cash (100% of which went to the charities – we paid ALL of ourt own expenses)

Enjoy the videos:

The pre-launch interview

The movie (part 1)

The moview (part 2)

The Stone’s Throw Media edit





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